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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to try pole dancing but where do I start?

We recommend starting in the Foundation Classes offered with purchase of any monthly membership that includes classes. Foundation classes are designed for beginners or new pole dancers, slow paced teaching going over the same base skills over and over until members feel ready to move onto the other pole classes offered at RPD Studio.

Why monthly memberships instead of single pole classes?

The sport of pole often takes a few weeks to start to become comfortable and to feel like you are starting to get the hang of it. This is a consistency sport if you want to make any form of progress. That is why we do not offer single pole classes. Everyone has a hard time at first and we want to encourage people to look forward past their first time. If after your first month you are not in love go ahead and cancel your membership for free.

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What do I wear to class?

Pole is a skin contact sport, more skin that can touch the pole the better. We recommend dressing in layers. Sweat pants with socks for warmups. Shorts, tank top, or sports bra for dancing. Most importantly wear what makes you comfortable.

What if I am not comfortable wearing small clothes?

Modesty is supported in the pole community, we understand that not everyone is comfortable with being so exposed. Brands like PoleJunkie & other online pole stores sell clothes made to grip the pole. Leggings, long sleeve shirts, you name it, they have it. Feel free to wear those to the studio.

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Is RPD a women's only studio?

RPD studio is open to all genders. Pole dancing originally comes from male dominated traditions & modern practices include all genders and presentations.

Do I have to wear platform heels?

Nope, platform heels are not required in any classes. Any style of non-outdoor shoes are welcome to be worn in the studio and during classes. You may also wear no shoes or just socks if you prefer. 

Please contact RPD Studio with any unanswered questions.

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